Instil perfectly healthy habits in your kids

Sugar is addictive, so it’s not surprising that parents and guardians worry about it – after all, they want nothing more than to see their children happy and healthy. In order to look after your children’s health then, it is important to be aware of how much sugar they are consuming within their day-to-day diet.

Try these simple tips to get your children interested in nutrition and make sure that they are sugar wise:

  • Lead by example – if you are able to show an interest in nutrition, including healthy eating and drinking habits, your children are more likely to adopt those habits too.
  • Make cooking fun – getting kids involved with food preparation and cooking from a young age can have a big impact on their lifestyle. Make cooking a family activity that you do together and they may be willing to try more new foods and drinks as a result.
  • Read the labels together ­­– one way to make your children aware of how much sugar is hidden in products is by showing them. As you yourself may read a food label, why not let your children read them too? By educating them about good and bad sugars, they will be more informed to make healthy decisions in the future.

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