Back to school

The start of the new school year is upon us, and our refreshing range of still and sparkling zero sugar water is perfect for stocking up lunchboxes with tasty lunchtime refreshment.

We understand the importance of keeping children hydrated to maximise mental and physical performance. This can often be overlooked during the busy school day, but the back-to-school period is the perfect time to introduce new products to children’s diets. Zero sugar Perfectly Clear provides parents with an excellent alternative to high-sugar soft drinks.

Our simple but refreshing range of sugar-free flavoured waters, available in delicious Strawberry, Summer Fruits, Red Apple, Orange, Blackcurrant, Lemon & Lime, Cherry and Coconut, come in a handy 500ml format – ideal for lunchboxes or grabbing at break time. Selected flavours are also available in our sparkling variety, a healthier alternative to sugary fizzy drinks.

Also sold as a six-bottle multipack, you can also stock up on Perfectly Clear ahead of a week of thirsty lunches and after-school activities.