Perfectly Clear flavoured water was the brand that created a new sector of drinks refreshment in the UK 20 years ago. As one of the very first of its kind, Perfectly Clear set the standard for flavoured water, and still provides an industry benchmark to this day.


    The news and media is filled with stories about the dangers of sugar to health. Many drinks contain large quantities of sugar however at Perfectly Clear we believe this is not necessary in a great tasting drink.

  • Made With Pure Spring Water

    Perfectly Clear is bottled at source with pure spring water from the Hadrian Well, a deep Artesian well where the water has filtered down through the local limestone strata for 1000s of years. Our water source gives a crisp clear purity, and a naturally higher level of calcium and magnesium than most other bottled waters.

  • Blended with natural flavours

    Perfectly Clear is bottled at source from pure spring water and is cleverly blended with natural fruit flavours. These flavours are chosen carefully so you can taste and smell the fruit experience; no guessing, no mystery… Just great flavour refreshment.

  • The UK's Leading Sugar Free Flavoured Water

    All Perfectly Clear products are sugar free. With growing concern about sugar levels in drinks, Perfectly Clear and zero sugar is the perfect combination.