Got questions?

Here’s where we answer some of the ones we get the most (and a few we don’t!). And if your question isn’t here, just get in touch and let us know – we’ll be glad to help!

Is there really no added sugar? Like, really really?

Yep! It’s all natural spring water and natural fruit flavours. The only free sugars* you’ll find in any of our drinks are the natural ones from the fruit juice in our Perfectly Clear Whisper range. We use a tiny pinch of sweetener to make your drinks just sweet enough to be perfectly balanced and perfectly tasty.

*What are ‘free sugars’?

Free sugars are simple sugars added to foods by the manufacturer or consumer. They are also sugars that are naturally present in honey, syrups, and fruit juices. These are different to those found naturally in foods, like lactose, the sugar found naturally in milk, or fructose, the sugar present in whole fruits.

Are your products okay for vegetarians? And vegans? And gluten-free folk too?

Yes, yes and yes! All Perfectly Clear products and ranges are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and there’s no trace of gluten. High fives for all!

We want as many people as possible to enjoy our products, which is why our Perfectly Clear flavoured water ranges are also Halal and Kosher friendly, and low sodium.

Are carbonated drinks suitable for children?

It is commonly said that too many fizzy drinks are not good for milk teeth. This is why our kids range is only available in still water. Unlike some fizzy soft drinks or juices, our sparkling flavoured water range contains no sugar, which is the main factor that can lead to tooth decay. Nevertheless, we advise parents to allow children to consume sparkling drinks in moderation.

Where can I buy Perfectly Clear?

If you’d like to know where you can find the Perfectly Clear range, get in touch.

Where does your spring water come from?

It comes directly from two boreholes just outside our factory, tapping straight into Hadrian’s Well – a crystal clear natural spring that flows down from the Northumberland Cheviots.

And where does that come from?

Well, from rainfall.

Yeah, but how did it get in the sky?

Erm…well it evaporates from the oceans, and it all goes round in the water cycle. You did it in school, remember?

What even is water?

Okay, this is getting silly.

I have a really good idea for you at Perfectly Clear? Will you do it?

Now, we can’t guarantee that we would, but we will definitely read your ideas and thoughts if you pop us a little message on our contact page.

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