Our Story

The Perfectly Clear story is a story of things we add and things we don’t. We do add spring water and natural flavours. We do not add sugar. And we bottle our drinks at source…

But hey, that’s not much of a story now, is it? So here’s how Perfectly Clear went from a twinkle in our eye, to the bottle in your hand…

Eureka! (& flavour)

It was the mid nineties. We were just sitting around in our cargo trousers watching Friends when the question came to us: what if this water had a little bit more… flavour? What if we could keep the freshness and healthy-ness of spring water, but add some extra taste into the equation? Now that seemed like something worth doing...

So we got to it. If we were writing a science paper, we might have done something like this: H20 + fl (ns) = Eureka! But we’re not, so our discovery was simply this: adding natural fruit flavours to spring water tastes great without any added sugar!

Hadrian’s Well (& boreholes)

But we’ve got something else going for us too. We can get our spring water direct from Hadrian’s Well - a crystal clear spring that flows down from the Northumberland Cheviots. And when we say straight, we really mean it - we’ve got two direct boreholes into Hadrian’s Well at the entrance to Perfectly Clear HQ.

Yep. They are literally right next to our factory. Which is awesome because it means we have the most amazing water straight from source. And when we mixed it with natural fruit flavours and tasted it, we knew we were on to a very good thing.

Sweet enough (thanks)

Now, you’ll notice that we’ve not mentioned adding sugar. And that’s because we don’t. Ever. Whether still or sparkling, the only sugar in our drinks comes from natural fruit juices and a tiny bit of sucralose to sweeten the deal. We know that it can be hard to find family-friendly soft drinks that aren’t packed with sugar - but hey, you’ve found us now!

You could say that keeping things tasty and zero-sugar is in our DNA, but most importantly, it’s in our water. Which is why, even as we’ve added ranges like Kids and Whisper, we can hand-on-heart promise that’ll never change.

Doing our bit (for the future).

Making lovely fresh drinks is all well and good, but we know we have a responsibility as a business to ensure that we have a positive impact in a wider sphere. Which is a posh way of saying that we’d rather be part of the solution than part of the problem.

We think we can help by making two commitments.

Less sweet. More flavour.

We talk about flavour a lot – but when you make drinks for the whole family it’s really important to understand that flavour and sweetness are different things! Because the latter often gets mistaken for the former, all of our new product development starts with an aim of getting the maximum flavour for the minumum calories. That way, we can keep the sugar and sweetener content low, and let those fruity flavours shine.

Less waste. More sustainable.

Naturally we source all of our ingredients from the UK, from the water (Hadrian’s Well, obviously!) to the fruity flavours, but all of our bottles come from the UK too. With all of our products bottled at source, it means that travel time is minimised and resources are preserved. In addition, we have firm policies on PET, sugar and obesity reductions strategies, minimising our carbon footprint and offsetting resource usage.

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